Inheritance Data FAS - Letter of Authority Templates

Please select the appropriate template to support your Inheritance Data FAS submission

Letter of Authority for Solicitors acting on behalf of the Executor

Download file

Inheritance-Data-FAS-Template-Non-Exec-LOA-21.pdf (111 KB)

Letter of Authority for the Executor

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Inheritance-Data-FAS-Template-EXEC-LOA-22.pdf (111 KB)

Letter of Authority for an Intestate Estate

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Inheritance-Data-FAS-Template-Intestate-LOA-22.pdf (111 KB)

Letter of Authority for POA FAS when acting as a Deputy or Attorney

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Inheritance-Data-POA-FAS-LOA-21.pdf (180 KB)

Letter of Authority for POA FAS for a solicitor acting on behalf of an Attorney

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Inheritance-Data-POA-FAS-LOA-Non-exec.pdf (179 KB)

Should you have any questions about the Letter of Authority please contact the team at Inheritance Data – .