Are you unhappy with your share of inheritance?

If you have not received the inheritance you expected, IDR Law can help.

With 1 in 3 people relying on an inheritance, disputes over inheritance arrangements can often occur following the death of a family member.

If you are unhappy with your share of inheritance, and want to learn whether you can challenge the current arrangements, inheritance dispute specialists IDR Law have created a

tool that can help you understand the legal issues and give you an instant answer to whether anything can be done to resolve your situation.

Who are IDR Law? 

IDR Law are the UK’s only firm that specialise solely in the resolution of inheritance disputes. Its all we do.

With over 100 years of combined experience resolving these issues, we know how these situations work, and we know the best way to get the resolution you need.

On completion of this form, your details will be sent directly through to our expert triage team, who will assess your situation free of charge and advise on the best course of action.

The IDR Claim Checker Tool

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