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Court of Protection.

The National Will Register provides Certainty Will Search to support Deputies and Attorneys in making informed decisions.

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What is a Will Search COP?

A Will Search COP searches for Wills that have been registered on The National Will Register and for Wills that have not been registered for someone who has lost testamentary capacity.

When is a Will Search COP used?

Knowledge of the contents and wishes outlined in the Will(s) created by the person an Attorney or Deputy has a duty of care towards will help make better informed decisions on their behalf.

Why search for a Will?

Demonstrate adequate measures have been taken to consider the wishes and intentions contained in any unknown Wills written by the person. Useful when applying for a Statutory Will, or completing COP1a and COP1c forms.

What are the risks of not searching?

Not fully understanding the extent of the person’s assets and wishes in order to safeguard them. Potential to make uninformed decisions on the person’s behalf. Potential adverse outcomes as not aware of the contents of the Will(s).

The Will Search COP Process

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    Will Search COP Starts

    Upon successful completion of the form online, the Will Search COP starts.

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    Positive Match is Made

    If there is a positive match as a result of a search of The National Will Register or REACH Search of unregistered Wills in geographically targeted areas, the law firm or Will writing organisation are notified.

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    Provide Documentation to Custodian

    The Deputy or Attorney searching for the Will is to provide documentation such as proof of ID and either Deputyship Application or Order, or LPA.

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    Positive Match is Confirmed

    If conditions are met to disclose the existence of the Will, the custodian shall arrange for the Will to be repatriated with the searcher.

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    Certainty Will Search Report Issued

    Upon conclusion, a Will Search Report is issued with the outcome of your Certainty Will Search to demonstrate this step taken in the process.

Will Search COP


Will Search COP

A Will Search COP is the Will Search for someone who is still alive and has lost testamentary capacity, to support Deputies and Attorneys who are acting in their best interests.

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How Certainty Will Search helps Deputies and Attorneys

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