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The National Will Register®, provider of Will Registration & Will Search services in the UK, is used by the legal profession, Will writers, PI insurers, government agencies, charities and the public.

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Who we are

The National Will Register exists to ensure no Will is left unknown or untraced at the time it is needed.

  • About Certainty The National Will Register

    The National Will Register®

    The National Will Register has grown from Certainty the National Will Register to become the trademarked National Will Register for the UK providing Will Registration and Will Search services to the public and profession. In 2021, The National Will Register became part of OneAdvanced, a leading provider of solutions for the legal market.

  • Certainty Will Search Combined

    Certainty Will Search

    Certainty Will Search is proven to reduce the risk of distributing an estate during probate on an assumed intestacy basis or when a Will or later Will may exist. There are many reasons why a Will may have been forgotten about, maliciously destroyed, or where an unknown later copy exists.

  • Register a Will with The National Will Register

    Will Registration

    Since 2006, The National Will Register continues to grow with over 10 million Wills in the system, the number of which grows daily. At peak times, one Will is registered every two seconds.

  • Find a Will Writer with The National Will Register

    Find a Legal Professional

    It is advisable that when you write your Will you use a professionally qualified person to do so. Use our service to find a local Wills and Probate professional comprising of solicitors who subscribe to The National Will Register.

  • Find a Will for Court of Protection Matters

    Court of Protection Matters

    A Certainty Will Search will help you to identify if an unknown Wills exists and demonstrates that adequate measures have been taken to consider the wishes and intentions contained in any unknown Wills written by the person.

  • Handle Inheritance Disputes with a Contentious Probate Solicitor

    Handle Disputes

    For those finding themselves in a dispute over an estate and need a contentious probate lawyer should instruct a specialist and not just either a commercial litigator or a private client solicitor. The National Will Register offers a service to find a local contentious probate specialist to help public and professionals.

  • Legal Professional Membership with The National Will Register

    Legal Professional Membership

    The National Will Register offers a platform for legal Wills and Probate professionals to have access to the full suite of services, be listed as a local legal professional for consumers, and obtain exclusive support and content for their profession.

Who we work with

We are chosen, endorsed and used by the public, legal profession, law firms, PI insurers, Government agencies, charities, the public and other associated sectors and organisations.

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