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Posted 23 April, 2021 9:48:22
Registered Will quickly located that prevented incorrect estate distribution
Every day The National Will Register locates unknown Wills for estates that were believed to be intestate or a later Will is found that revokes the Will being used to distribute an estate. Many solicitors and probate professionals conduct a Certainty Will Search as a matter of course when dealing with an estate to ensure that the last valid Will is...
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Posted 16 April, 2021 8:30:25
Unknown 24-year-old Will located within 24 hours with a Certainty Will Search
Every day, The National Will Register receive enquiries from members of the public who believe that a relative or close friend had written a Will but, after their death, they are unable to locate one, either in their home or at the offices of a local solicitor or Will writer. The National Will Register is able to assist. In 2020, 20% of Certainty W...
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Posted 09 April, 2021 8:36:34
Ensuring the deceased’s wishes are followed
Every day genealogists and probate research professionals conduct Certainty Will Searches to ensure that there are no unknown Wills in existence when tracing the next-in-line to inherit. The consequences of any unknown Wills not coming to light can lead to the incorrect distribution of an estate with the wrong beneficiaries inheriting.

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Posted 01 April, 2021 8:02:07
Certainty Will Search locates lost 33-year-old Will
When a loved one passes away, it is not uncommon for clients to find themselves in a position where they are either unsure as to whether the deceased had written a Will or if they had, where it is stored. Although a copy of the Will is often provided to a client, the passage of time, house moves and the misplacement of documents can lead to these c...
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Posted 01 April, 2021 8:00:03
Wills - a delve behind the stats
By Ann-Marie Shine-Newton, Will Writer, Stanford Legal Services

We recently had Census day, which takes place every 10 years. According to the Government it gives them the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. The Census asks questions about us, our household, and our home. In doing so, it helps to...
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