The National Will Register becomes an approved supplier with the Law Society of Scotland

45% of adults in Scotland haven’t discussed their passing with their loved ones, and 58% of children weren’t aware of what to do following should their parent’s pass away. Making sure a Will can be found at the time it’s needed is therefore vital, which is why we are excited to announce the strategic partnership between The National Will Register and the Law Society of Scotland. This partnership is aimed at enhancing the protection of individuals’ estate planning across Scotland through becoming the approved supplier for will registration and will search services.

The National Will Register is an online register that securely stores the location of a person’s will, enabling it to be easily found in the event of their death. Since 2006, it has become the largest register for wills in the UK with over 10.5 million wills in the system. By registering wills with The National Will Register, solicitors, will writers and individuals can ensure that their wills can be easily located and accessed when the time comes. 1 in 5 of Certainty Will Searches results in an unknown or later Will coming to light.

Through this partnership with The National Will Register, the Law Society of Scotland aims to reinforce the importance of utilising reliable resources for will registration and probate management.

Commenting on the collaboration, Philco Dekker, Campaign Manager of The National Will Register, expressed, “We are thrilled to align with the Law Society of Scotland in our shared commitment to promoting best practice during the Will writing and probate process. By partnering with the Law Society of Scotland, we provide legal professionals with piece of mind that they are using a service they can trust.”

Echoing the sentiment, Jack Rowberry, Business Development Manager of The Law Society of Scotland, stated, “Our partnership with The National Will Register will support our members in providing Will Search and Will Registration services from a trusted partner. By leveraging The National Will Register, solicitors across Scotland can ensure  the best protection for their clients and their firms.”

The new partnership will drive positive change within the legal profession in Scotland, promoting peace of mind for clients and firms navigating the complexities of estate planning for commercial gains and risk mitigation.

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