Why your private client department should be asking for NWR membership

The National Will Register is the UK’s Will registration and Will Search service, with over 10 million wills in the system and exists to ensure that no Will is left unknown or untraced at the time it is needed.

Thousands of solicitors already use The National Will Register to protect themselves and their clients against unnecessary risk. The National Will Register is proven to help law firms of all sizes to grow a profitable Wills and probate practice by increasing Will writing business and helping to ensure firms receive the probate work from the Wills they write.


In this blog article, we’ll outline four key advantages that private client departments can utilise when they use The National Will Register as a member.




The National Will Register has over 10 million wills in the system, around half of all wills in the UK. This, alongside the ability to search for unregistered wills with law firms in geographically targeted areas provides a comprehensive search to be able to say, beyond reasonable doubt, whether a valid will exists for an estate and its whereabouts.


Furthermore, one in five found wills impact estate administration.




Both the acts of registering and searching for wills provide forms of protection for both clients and law firms alike. Registering wills allows for them to be protected against loss or ignorance of knowledge by executors and family after the testator’s death. This is of importance even today as only two in five adults in the UK discuss what should happen upon their death with their loved ones according to The National Wills Report 2023.


Searching for wills protects executors and solicitors against administering estates against the wishes of the valid and up to date will, either by assuming intestacy or acting upon an older and invalid document.




Being a member of The National Will Register means using its services with ease. Members have the ability to register all of their current will bank at once without cost upon joining, as well as access to our TOUCH wills management portal on The National Will Register to digitally manage your will bank.


Members are also able to pay for searches with credits, then by monthly invoicing via direct debit, as opposed to on-demand with a credit card.




Members of The National Will Register gain access to a number of promotional tools to attract visitors to their private client department. Member firms have a listing on The National Will Register’s ‘Find a Solicitor’ page, as well as access to logos, letter templates, exposure opportunities and more.


For more information about becoming a member of The National Will Register, email info@certainty.co.uk