Search for Assets When Searching for a Will

We are delighted to announce a new service available for members of The National Will Register. Along with your Certainty Will Searches to check no Will or later Will exists when administering an estate, you can now order Inheritance Data Financial Asset Searches to check for lost, unknown assets with real time results displayed in your TOUCH account.

Professional Executors have a duty to ensure no Will exists when presented with an intestate estate, or that no later, unknown Will exists than the Will presented. Along with finding a Will, executors have a duty to  locate all the assets due to an estate. They must be able to demonstrate that they have conducted a thorough search of where assets may have been held by the deceased.  Working with probate professionals we understand the need for speed and ease of finding out information that supports the correct administration of an estate. We are delighted to continue to support our members of The National Will Register by offering a further Financial Asset Search from Inheritance Data.

Inheritance Data is a tailored asset search engine that provides Executors and Probate Professionals with a bespoke platform to trace assets for deceased individuals. The service enables executors and other estate administration professionals to save administration time and fulfil obligations as an Executor or appointed administrator. Inheritance Data searches UK financial institutions and their 350 databases, as well as DWP, The Pension Tracing Service, Investments, Shares and more. The Inheritance Data Financial Asset Search covers the complete FTSE 100, FTSE 250, London Stock Exchange, Aquis Exchange and Venture Capital trusts.

For every Financial Asset Service ordered via The National Will Register’s TOUCH platform, you will receive direct correspondence confirming a customer match from financial institutions, which is then passed on in an online report. Financial Asset Search orders are updated live within your firm’s TOUCH account as responses are received from the institutions contacted. 

The Inheritance Data Financial Asset Search costs £160 + VAT and is an allowable disbursement of an estate, making it a cost neutral service that supports the estate administration process.

For more information about Inheritance Data please contact the team on