Free Will Registration Month 2024

Throughout May, The National Will Register will be offering free will registration to firms, will writers and members of the public alike during Free Will Registration Month using code FREEWILLREG24 online.

Free Will Registration Month is an excellent opportunity for law firms and will writers to promote their services, establish new clients, and remind existing ones of the importance of writing and updating their wills.

Register your will bank or any outstanding unregistered wills

By registering any Wills that are not yet registered, or even your entire Will archive, you are enabling protection for yourself and your clients against the Will not being discoverable due to executors or beneficiaries not knowing of it and therefore an estate being administered incorrectly.

42% of adults in the UK have not discussed what should happen after they pass with their loved ones, and only a third of their parents had provided information on the location of a will. One in five will searches locates a will that impacts estate administration either as a Will not known to exist or superseding a held Will.

Registering your Will bank with The National Will Register for free will allow for you to tag the location of your clients’ Wills to your office. So, when a Will is searched for, which we encourage that everyone do whether or not a Will is known, you are given the details of the searcher so you can determine if they can be privy to information about the Will, and then engage appropriately. This places your firm in direct discussion with the executor and/or any beneficiaries, and therefore provides a good opportunity to secure the probate work.

By registering your Will bank, you can ensure that you are making the most of Free Will Registration Month and providing the best services to your clients. Speak to a member of our team about how to maximise Free Will Registration Month by clicking here.

To register wills during Free Will Registration Month, register the will online and use code FREEWILLREG24 when prompted to do so.