How Will registration complements Will storage

Certainty Will Search Guide

Will storage is a highly added value service alongside Will writing services, but is really only truly effective if the Will can be found when it is needed.

Storing Wills can be an excellent way to provide additional value and security for your testator clients while generating some additional income  through the provision of the storage itself, through the cross-selling potential of the client base in the future, or the potential to refer appropriate services to those clients.

But to the client, the advantage is that it is safe – not only in terms of its physical location. With up to two-thirds of adults not being told about the existence or location of Wills by their parents, the question arises as to how useful Will storage is if the Will cannot be easily located when it is needed?

How Will registration complements Will storage

Will registration with The National Will Register records a testator’s name and date of their Will, but most importantly records its location. This then allows a facility where the stored Will can be found quickly and easily, bridging the gap between the testator, who at this time will have passed away, the executor(s), and the holder of that stored Will.

With over 10 million Wills already in the system, The National Will Register has almost half of all Wills written in the UK, providing that central system of confidence to all involved in estate planning, and later estate distribution process.

What this means for your testator client is that, if you provide Will registration alongside Will storage, they will be given a higher level of confidence that the Will stored can be easily located via a simple Certainty Will Register search. This creates a Will storage offering that provides a secure, confidential service that allows for the Will to be found with the storing organisation when it is needed.

Effective Will management

Storing the testator’s Will is only part one of the journey a Will storage client would have with you, and as such effective Wills archive management is paramount to ensure a full service is offered.

When registering Wills as a member of The National Will Register, firms have access to the online TOUCH Will Management portal. TOUCH not only connects you directly to The National Will Register but also acts as your own internal Will register.

You are also able to take advantage of its marketing functionality to add more marketing power into your private client work. In a world of competition, TOUCH helps law firms to profile and communicate with clients to build and drive revenue, as well as strengthening client loyalty and encouraging client retention with the option to remarket after three or five years to update or rewrite a Will proving hugely popular among users.

How safe are your stored Wills, and are they too safe? Get in touch to ensure your stored Wills are not left unknown, unlocated or untraceable. Click here to download our brochure for more information.