“Digital Will management made easy” says long-established Surrey law firm

The National Will Register’s digital-first approach to Will registration has been hailed as both a comprehensive and forward-thinking solution to manage archived Will databases by a member firm.

Mackrell Turner Garrett is a full-service law firm based in Woking. The Surrey firm has been a member since 2018 and recently took advantage of our paper Will archive digitisation offer.

The digitisation is done by collecting the paper Will archive securely through a tracked courier, scanning the original documents into a digital form, and providing the firm with a digital database for more effective and efficient Will management process – alongside the paper Will archive which are also returned securely by tracked courier.

Rae Coleman, Practice Manager at Mackrell Turner Garrett praised The National Will Register for its easy and efficient digitisation process as part of its greater Will management goals: “As members of The National Will Register, we understand the importance of Will registration, and Certainty Will Search, as a fundamental protection against misplaced, forgotten or disputed Wills.”

“We were delighted to be invited to take advantage of The National Will Register’s Will digitisation offer; we were exceedingly impressed by the entire process and delighted with the resulting high quality of the digitised Wills and detailed database.”

“The digitising of our archive of original paper Wills will help to ensure best practice of Will management and Will registration, and we can now easily manage the vital component of Will registration and Certainty Will Search and look forward to continuing our strong relationship with The National Will Register in the future.”

Over the last year, The National Will Register has invited members, as part of their membership package, to have their paper Will archive digitised through Oyez Document Production, part of OneAdvanced’s legal services with experience working with courts, solicitors and the legal sector at large for over 90 years, specialising in the hard copy to digital scanning service.

To discuss your approach to Will management and how our solutions could help you streamline the management of your Will archive and maximise its potential for your firm, contact your account manager or click here to speak to us.