Certainty Will Search Wins Probate Work

Probate Won

Lawson West Solicitors are a firm who have been providing legal advice to the people of Leicestershire and beyond for over 40 years, they have been members of The National Will Register since 2016.

Victoria Jones, Director of the Probate and Wills department at the firm explains how a Certainty Will Search notification led to Lawson West Solicitors winning the probate work from a Will that they had written twenty-five years before.

Victoria Jones, Director, Lawson West Solicitors comments: “We first received notification that a client of ours had passed away when we were sent a Will Search notification. From searching our archived Wills, we were able to confirm that we held a Will from November 1995 that appointed the Partners of the firm as the Executors of the estate.”

“We quickly got in contact with the individual that was searching for the Will to firstly ask for identification to check they were entitled to view the Will and to confirm that we were in possession of a Will for the deceased.”

“The individual searching for the Will was the daughter of the deceased. She explained that the family could not find a copy of a Will in her mother’s paperwork and they were unsure whether a Will existed which led her to conduct a Will Search with The National Will Register. She was so relieved that they had been able to locate her mother’s Will.”

Victoria concludes: “The Will gave a specific gift to her grandchildren which would have not of occurred under the Intestacy Rules. Without receiving the Certainty Will Search Notification, we would have not of known that our client had died and would have lost the probate work as the family may have instructed other solicitors on the assumption that the deceased had died intestate.”