Will registration is essential says professional Will writing organisation

As we enter the second half of Free Will Registration Month, The Society of Will Writers has highlighted our call for Wills to be registered as part of our mission to ensure that no Will is left unknown or untraced at the time it is needed.

The Society of Will Writers is an independent representative body for professional will writers and includes Will registration with The National Will Register for all Wills stored with their storage facility The National Will Archive.

Anthony Belcher, Director of The Society of Will Writers, highlighted the importance behind Will registration as a future-proofing tool to ensure Wills are quickly and confidentially found at the crucial time it is needed: “Through our storage arm, The National Will Archive, we’ve been registering every Will sent into store with The National Will Register since 2017, including the entirety of the stored Wills received prior to this too.”

“With more than 100,000 wills in store, some of which have been rescued from now-closed companies, having each of them registered means that if an executor were ever in doubt of a Will’s whereabouts or existence, a Will search would reveal anything stored at The National Will Archive.”

“Searching The National Will Register could prove vital in discovering a Will needed for probate, even when it may have been believed no Will existed at all, and we encourage all executors and professionals to make a Will search part of the probate process.”

The National Will Register has found that one in five located Wills as a result of conducting a Certainty Will Search have an impact on how the estate is to be administered. This is due to a Will being located where either a Will was thought not to exist, or that it has superseded the Will presented to distribute the estate.

Register your Will free of charge until June 3rd with Free Will Registration Month. Simply use the code FREEWILLREG22 when you register your Will online or speak to your Wills and Probate solicitor today to have them register it for you.