Video-witnessing Wills extended until 2024

People in England and Wales will continue to have the option to have their Wills witnessed remotely via video-link until 2024 after legislation was passed to continue measures which were initially put in place for use during the pandemic.

While just over 1 in 10 legal professionals surveyed used remote Will witnessing during lockdown, there was a positive review from the majority that did and the Ministry of Justice has said that the extension will provide peace of mind, particularly to those who are vulnerable.

There are safeguards in place to protect against undue influence and fraud with video-witnessed Wills where two witnesses are still required and it is only valid if the video quality is comprehensible.

As an additional safeguard, Wills should be stored in a safe location and registered at The National Will Register so that it can be found at the time that it is needed.

According to a recent survey conducted by The National Will Register, two-thirds of children would not know where to find their parents’ Will. Will registration allows for the location of a testator’s Will to be found by an executor, beneficiary or professional deputy at the appropriate time.

With 9.4 million Wills in the system, and one in five found Wills through a Certainty Will Search locating a newer Will than the executor has or a Will where none was known to exist, Will registration provides a simple yet effective safeguard for testators in ensuring their wishes are known and carried out.

Also much in the same vain as safeguarding against undue influence when it comes to remotely witnessing Wills, in Will registration the knowledge of the existence and whereabouts of a Will may be intentionally suppressed by a discontented next of kin. Registering a Will ensures it can be searched for, located quickly, and discussed confidentially.

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