Scottish Law Firm of the Year joins The National Will Register

One of Scotland’s leading law firms have committed to offering their wills and probate clients Will Registration and Certainty Will Search as it joins The National Will Register as its newest member.

Jones Whyte LLP won Law Firm of the Year in 2021 at the Scottish Legal Awards and considers themselves Scotland’s fastest growing law firm.

Speaking to us on why they joined The National Will Register, Ross Anderson, Partner in Jones Whyte’s Estate Planning and Trust Management teams, said: “We’re happy to become the newest members of The National Will Register and offer Will registration and Certainty Will Search to our clients and communities nationwide.”

“Our membership with The National Will Register is a continuous commitment to providing our clients with the greatest level of client care and best practice when it comes to our private client offering – and in protecting our clients by ensuring that their Wills can be found at the time they are needed.”

The National Will Register has over 9.4 million Wills registered in its system and welcomes Jones Whyte as it increases its footprint in Scotland.

Karan Liddar, Operations Director for The National Will Register, spoke of the organisation’s hopes for this to be a monumental point for those in Scotland making and executing Wills: “We’re delighted to welcome Jones Whyte as the newest member of The National Will Register, promoting Will Registration to not only their Scottish clients and clients throughout the UK, but going further to assist their executors and beneficiaries to have confidence in the last Will that is being presented for Probate, by utilising our Certainty Will Search services.”

“We’re excited about Jones Whyte’s reach in the community and in them offering Will registration and Certainty Will Search to their clients – a matter of best practice is being implemented using recommended services that will provide their clients with additional layers of protection – a win for them and a win for their clients.”

To find out more about Jones Whyte’s Wills, Trusts and Estates services throughout the UK, click here.