Register your Will for free on The National Will Register

Registering your Will on The National Will Register ensures that it can be easily and quickly located by your named executors and beneficiaries after you have passed away.

Registering a Will is a vital process that prevents families, beneficiaries and executors suffering additional stress because they either can not find the Will, are not sure if they hold the last Will or are unaware if a Will was ever made.

Every day The National Will Register receives enquiries from members of the public who face these challenges whilst going through the loss of a loved one. The National Will Register helps to alleviate this stress by locating unknown, lost or later Wills. This provides comfort and reassurance that the deceased’s loved ones can ensure that their last wishes can be adhered to and inline with their last Will.

The National Will Register are currently holding Free Will Registration Month, an annual event that waivers the usual one-off £30 Will Registration fee so that a Will can be registered at no cost. Will Registration records the existence of a Will and where the original is stored so that it can be easily located by the named executors and beneficiaries of an estate.

Free Will Registration Month is running until Friday 4th June. To register your Will visit our ‘Register a Will’ page and enter the code FreeWillReg2021 when asked. You do not need a copy of your Will to register it and the register does not need to see your Will.