Number of contentious probate firms 'doubled since 2018' as demand for Wills increases

The number of firms offering services surrounding contentious Wills, probate and trusts has doubled since 2018, according to a recent study on the Wills and probate market.

The UK Wills, Probate & Trusts Market Report 2022 by IRN Research highlighted the rising figure of private client litigation firms to 646 as the Wills and probate market was valued at over £2bn for the first time in the past year.

The report also notes that the dawn of new digital services “may encourage more adults to make a Will” and that the market is expected to grow further to £2.4bn by 2025.

This comes on the heels of a report conducted by IRN last year that only just over half of those with a Will had it written by a solicitor, with over 1 in 10 choosing to draft their own.

It also comes at a time where will writers are concerned that remote Wills written during the pandemic could be disputed as the percentage of will writers who have taken instructions remotely reached 95% according to Capacity Vault Ltd in a survey of Society of Will Writers and Institute of Professional Will Writers members.

How The National Will Register helps avoid Wills disputes

The National Will Register exists to ensure no Will is left unknown or untraced at the time it is needed. Through Will registration and Certainty Will Searches, it provides private client solicitors, will writers, and members of the public with a service to ensure that the location of a Will is noted so it can be searched for and located at the time it is needed.

By making Will registration part of the will-writing process, firms offer peace of mind to their clients that their Will can be found at any time. When looking at the anticipated rise in contentious probate matters and looking to differentiate oneself from other will-writing services, it is also a worthwhile benefit when marketing to prospective clients who may be weighing up their ever-growing options when it comes to writing a Will.

Performing a Certainty Will Search for probate cases offers certainty to both loved ones and probate solicitors or administrators alike, as recent studies by The National Will Register show that two-thirds of children wouldn’t know where to find their parents’ latest Will and one-in-five found Wills in the system is one thought not to exist or superseding the one held.

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