Company Statement Concerning Covid-19

During these extraordinary times where we are seeing extraordinary measures taking place, We wanted to update you on the actions The National Will Register is undertaking amidst the Covid-19 outbreak to ensure continuity of service.

Firstly, it goes without saying that our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone affected by the global outbreak of Covid-19.

The National Will Register and the legal professionals we work with may need to react to the needs of the general public following a death.

We are monitoring all Government advice and implementing all measures in real time.

We have in place a crisis management team who have self-isolated and are working from home in order to be able to meet the needs of the legal professionals and public. This will ensure continuity and service levels.

We have provided social-distance zones in all office areas, are operating split shifts to reduce office occupancy and have a stringent sanitisation policy.

The team understand that more than ever we now have a very important role to play and that our response times must remain high in order to expedite a Will search request for those following a bereavement or those wishing to register a Will.

We are here to assist you. Our phone lines and live chat are manned and we are also available online.

Professionals working together in unprecedented times to helps those affected.