Top 200 firm finds the simplicity in Will bank digitisation

Leading Essex and Suffolk law firm Ellisons Solicitors hailed the simplicity and security of both the process and the result of digitising its Will bank with The National Will Register.

The National Will Register exists to ensure that the right Will can be found at the time it is needed. Traditionally this is thought of through Will registration and Will Search, however members of The National Will Register have access to a range of services intended to make Will management simpler, more effective and more compliant for their practice and their clients.

One such service is Will bank digitisation through Oyez, a partner of The National Will Register. This service sees the creation of certified digital copies and digital databases of paper Will archives for easy management and seamless integration with our TOUCH Will Management and Will registration.

Ellisons Solicitors took up our free Will bank digitisation offer, available to members in March 2022, as a way to improve the management of their Will bank and to ensure compliance with the latest best practice for holding Wills.

On the benefits of digitisation and the ease of using The National Will Register to digitise their Will bank, Nicola Weldon, Head of the Wills, Trusts and Probate Department at Ellisons Solicitors said: “In a digital world, it makes sense to utilise the security that digitisation offers particularly in matters as important and sensitive as holding Wills.”

“The National Will Register made the process as simple as possible for us to not only digitise our Will bank, but to be able to utilise this for wider Will bank management, including registering our Will bank with The National Will Register and future re-engagement with our Will bank clients to ensure their wishes remain up to date.”