Recently registered Will Bank prevents incorrect estate distribution within 48 hours

Registered Will Find

Heritage Will Writers are a well-established Will writing firm that are based in Norfolk but have won both national and regional awards for their service. As members of IPW, they recognise the importance of ensuring that their clients’ receive a high quality service and are protected through all stages of life.

Heritage Will Writers have registered their Will Bank on The National Will Register and see the importance of registering Wills going forward. The National Will Register has in excess of 8.7 million Wills registered on the system, ensuring that they can quickly and easily be located upon death.

The below case demonstrates the importance that Will Registration has and the speed that Wills can located when they are registered on the National Will Register.

The National Will Register received Heritage Will Writers archived Wills on a Friday. All of these archived Wills were registered on The National Will Register within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, a member of the public conducted a Register Will Search for the deceased who was a member of the family. A match was found on The National Will Register at Heritage Will Writers. Within 48 hours of the Will Bank being registered, we were able to locate a Will that was held with them in Norwich. Heritage Will Writers were therefore notified of the search and were able to get in contact with the searcher to verify their entitlement to disclose the Will.

In the case above, within a month of the testator’s death, a Will was located and the holders of the Will, Heritage Will Writers, were able to get in contact with the searcher.

Stuart Burrell, Managing Director comments: “Having all of our Wills registered with The National Will Register gives us and our clients the peace of mind that their loved ones can locate their Will quickly and efficiently. This enhances our Client Care Package which already includes secure document storage, free annual updates and free access to our Executor helpline – all of which gives our clients the best possible service.”

Registering your firms archived Wills and new Wills on the National Will Register protects the Testator, Executors and Beneficiaries by ensuring that the Will can be located upon death.

It also benefits a firm by safeguarding their probate work as a Certainty Will Search helps to notify firms that their clients have died when they may not be aware. The highest reported amount of probate received, due to their Wills being registered, by a single firm was 86 probates.