How do you find out if there is a Will in the family?

Registered Will Find

When we lose a loved one the list of people and authorities to contact can be overwhelming. This all happens at the same time as being under immense pressure to sort out paperwork such as a Will, property deeds and more; the last thing anyone wants is more worry and uncertainty.

Fortunately member firm Hillyer McKeown Solicitors was able to help one family following the death of a loved one, as a result of a Certainty Will Search being conducted with The National Will Register.

As the appointed executors, the team at Hillyer McKeown Solicitors was able to assist in two ways. Firstly, by contacting the searcher and confirming that the firm had drawn up the original Will and had retained a copy in safe storage; and second, by organising a further probate matter.

It is not unusual for families to be unsure if a Will exists. For anyone in this situation Ruth Heap, Partner at Hillyer McKeown Solicitors has this recommendation: “If anyone reading this has not registered their Will with The National Will Register, I would urge you to do so as it helps people trace the solicitor legally representing the family estate and holding their family documentation. My team regularly deal with people who are unsure whether a Will exists, or where to find it even if it does.”

“It is very common for the details of a Will and other paperwork to get lost over the years. At the very least this can cause undue stress to the family later on and unfortunately in some cases, family arguments escalate to a dispute which can be really unpleasant for everyone involved.”

Fortunately in this situation, Hillyer McKeown Solicitors was able to guide the family through a difficult time once a Certainty Will Search had quickly located the legal documents, bringing peace of mind for everyone involved.