Certainty Will Search and proactive advice from a solicitor always helps

Will Search Safeguard

The National Will Register’s Will Search help desk team work with both the legal profession and the public. The sensitivities that surround the public undertaking a Certainty Will Search means that the team are supportive to those grieving who are most likely coordinating a funeral or estate distribution for the first time.

We always request feedback from searchers to ensure optimum service levels. The below feedback was from a member of the public who was desperately trying to locate her mother’s Will. Her comments encapsulate how Certainty Will Search and proactive advice from a solicitor always helps.

Clare, a member of the public, suddenly lost her mother in October 2019 which ignited a fallout within the family over her mother’s assets and she wants to ensure that her mother’s estate is distributed correctly and how she wished.

Clare comments: “My mother passed away in October 2019, her passing was sudden and the fallout over my mother’s assets had become somewhat hostile and highly emotional. The mere thought of this process sent shivers down my spine as I had had the same experience twenty years earlier with my father’s passing and consequently his Will was also messy to say the least. Weeks prior to contacting The National Will Register, I called over 45 Solicitors in the London area, desperately trying to search for my mother’s Will but to no avail! I then received an email from a very kind decent solicitor who suggested that I should contact The National Will Register as it would avoid substantial costs on my part if I were to get a solicitor to write out to other solicitors, but also it would benefit me with a peace of mind.”

“I cannot express enough the absolute professionalism of the people I spoke with on every level of this company, the manner, the empathy, the warmth, it was overwhelming in the best possible way. I spoke with a timeless gentleman, Clive, a million thank you’s to Clive, who guided me through this process. The sleepless nights, the anxiety I had suffered prior to this immediately stopped! I am still in the process of waiting to see if a Will exists but whether it does or not, I honestly feel that it has no hold or bind on me anymore. I feel that I have made the best decisive efforts to find my mother’s Will but knowing I may not find that one does not exist has given me a fresh perspective on my own efforts. I cannot stress enough the level of kindness, the manner of the wonderful people employed here is of utter class, incredible… if the country was run like this we would be living in a utopia of excellence. God bless you and thank you!”

When you next have a client unable to locate Will, are unsure if one exists, or think that they have identified the very last Will, advising to use a Certainty Will Search is imperative to provide protection during distribution.