The National Will Register


About Certainty the National Will Register

Certainty the National Will Register is the Law Society's endorsed provider of a national Will Register and is chosen, endorsed and used by the public, legal profession, law firms, PI insurers, Government agencies, charities, the public and other associated sectors and organisations to Register Wills and Search for Wills.

Certainty is the longest-established and by far the largest register in the UK. Thousands of Will writing professionals and the public use Certainty to register Wills and search for Wills prior to distributing the estate. Registering your Will is an essential part of the Will making process and you should ensure you do so with a long-standing register with impeccable credentials.

Will Search

Certainty Will Search is proven to reduce the risk of distributing an estate during probate on an assumed intestacy basis or when a Will or later Will may exist. There are many reasons why a Will may have been forgotten about, maliciously destroyed, or where an unknown later copy exists. Certainty Will Search provides a recommended and accredited search process that searches for registered and unregistered Wills to understand if a Will or later Will exists.

Will Registration

Certainty Will Registration is also proven to protect the Testator's beneficiaries by ensuring, through Certainty Will Registration, their Will can be found and their last wishes adhered to. Certainty does not disclose the existence of a Will or need to see a copy of it to register it. The existence of a Will is disclosed by the 'holder' (solicitor, etc) after a death has been confirmed by way of a death certificate.

In excess of eight million Wills are now in the system and continues to grow daily.


Since Certainty was created in 2006 to provide the first Wills Register in the UK, to our knowledge six other registers have set-up similar services and subsequently over a period of time, shut down. Beware when you are searching for a Will or registering a Will, ensure the register you use is suitably accredited.

Certainty is referenced, recommend and endorsed by leading legal entities and advisors, Law Firms and charities. For further information, please see Who We Work With.