The National Will Register



I have registered my Will today with Certainty, many thanks for the peace of mind this has given me. B Jravis
Certainty located my fathers Will for me, I used the Certainty Will Search Cover. T Wheatley
Certainty found my Grandfathers Will which was written 34 years ago. D Thomas
Registering my Will took a couple of minutes, relatively straight forward even for me. H Jones
I lost my fathers Will, I have registered so my children never suffer what my family went through. A L Richards
It was vitally important I found my mothers Will, I have now been contacted by the solicitor who holds it. S Bradey
We are constantly receiving enquiries from other solicitors and members of the public as to whether a particular person has made a Will. Certainty will help considerably in alleviating this problem. A Certainty Solicitor
This service meets a real need. Anyone dealing with an estate has no central way of finding a Will and this can cause considerable delay and expense. A Certainty member Solicitor
Thanks, found a solicitor who has contact me today to write my Will, painless, best regards. F Morley
Tracing a deceased's Will following death can be a real problem for families, the Certainty National Will Register solves a massive problem. A Certainty member Solicitor
Dear Certainty, thanks for the useful information I found on your site. A Devereux
Just because my cient doesn't have a Will I can't presume one wasn't written - I use Certainty Will search. A Certainty member Solicitor
Very easy service to use P Banks
Many thanks for all your assistance, I wouldn't have knwon where to start looking for a Will after a search of the home failed to produce a Will. S Richards