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20 March, 2018 15:27:17

E&W: Legal daughter ordered to take DNA test to prove parentage

The England and Wales High Court has directed the younger daughter of the late Colin Birtles to be DNA-tested, to verify whether she is indeed his biological daughter, and thus has an interest in his estate.

Both Lorraine Freeman and her elder sister Janice Nield-Moir were born to Birtles' wife Veronica in the early sixties. Their parents divorced in 1977, and Veronica Birtles has since died.

Birtles himself died intestate in June 2013, leaving only a terraced house in Oldham and a small amount of cash. Mrs Freeman obtained a grant of administration to distribute this modest estate in the absence of her sister, who had lived for many years in Australia.

Original article published by: STEP
Date: Thursday 22nd February 2018
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