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Posted 10 June, 2021 9:51:06
Establishing Fraudulent Calumny – Has the mind of the Testator been ‘poisoned’?
By David McGuire, Associate at Weightmans

There are a number of grounds upon which a person might seek to a challenge the Will of a loved one. They include circumstances where the specific formalities required when creating a Will are not adhered to, or where the person making the Will did not have the necessary mental capacity. It might...
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Posted 01 June, 2021 12:20:24
Register your Will for free on The National Will Register
Registering your Will on The National Will Register ensures that it can be easily and quickly located by your named executors and beneficiaries after you have passed away.

Registering a Will is a vital process that prevents families, beneficiaries and executors suffering additional stress because they either can not find the Will, are no...
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