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Posted 28 May, 2021 10:49:38
Don’t take the risk: Conduct a Certainty Will Search
It is not unusual for a testator to use different law firms and Will writers to update their existing Will without notifying the named executors, beneficiaries or the professional who drafted the previous Will. This presents the risk of the last valid Will not being used to distribute the estate as an earlier Will is assumed to be the last Will. A...
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Posted 21 May, 2021 10:18:02
Why your firm should use Will Registration and Certainty Will Search
There are currently over 8.9 million Wills registered on The National Will Register, which continues to rise daily. The National Will Register provides Will Registration and a Will search service that protects law firms, testators, executors and beneficiaries each and every day.

Ewings & Co have been members of The National Will Register...
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Posted 18 May, 2021 16:54:47
Take advantage of Free Will Registration Month
During May and until Friday 4th June, The National Will Register are holding their annual Free Will Registration Month. Throughout the month, The National Will Register have waivered the usual one-off £30 fee to allow members of the public to register their Will for free.

The National Will Register are the Law Society of England and Wale...
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Posted 14 May, 2021 8:33:59
Why does Registering a Will today take care of our tomorrows?
Professional legal services businesses which handle private client services will know all too well that safe and secure storage is an absolute must for documents such as Wills.

Storing dusty documents is commonplace even in today’s digital era, as some Wills may have been drafted, completed and remain untouched for many years. That is un...
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Posted 06 May, 2021 15:21:14
Certainty Will Search prevents incorrect estate distribution by locating an unknown Will
Every day The National Will Register locates Wills that were thought not to exist. In 2020, 20% of Certainty Will Searches resulted in a Will being located where the estate was presumed intestate or a later Will being discovered that would supersede the Will being used to distribute the estate.

In this case study, Dominic Hendry, Head of...
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Posted 04 May, 2021 15:20:02
Register your Will now to protect your assets in the future
The National Will Register are holding their annual Free Will Registration Month from Tuesday 4th May 2021 until Friday 4th June.

In the past year, many people have considered how they would wish for their estate to be distributed after they pass away. This was reflected in the demand for Will writing sharply increasing amidst the Covid...
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