As of Monday 11th October 2021, The National Will Register has moved offices to The Mailbox, 101 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RF

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Posted 26 March, 2021 9:21:51
Will Registration: Adding value to your firm’s Will Writing process
Registering your clients’ Wills on The National Will Register protects the testator, executors and beneficiaries by ensuring that a Will can be located upon death.

Mander Hadley, a law firm based in Coventry and Kenilworth, have been members of The National Will Register since 2014. The firm recognise the importance of registering their...
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Posted 25 March, 2021 11:00:14
The virtual way that families can settle Will disputes
By Katherine Marshall, Solicitor, Wilkin Chapman and listed specialist in the Certainty Contentious Probate Hub & Area

A rise in the use of virtual mediation during lockdown has seen another avenue open-up for families to settle their disputes over the Wills and estates left by loved ones.

And with the number of contentious pr...
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Posted 19 March, 2021 8:54:10
Why locating the Will of P is imperative when acting as a Professional Deputy
The National Will Register plays a crucial role in the work of those involved in applying for Statutory Wills, or when expediting their Property and Affairs and Health and Welfare Deputy or Attorney responsibilities with the upmost due diligence. Locating a Will for a Protected Party ((P), someone who has lost capacity) can assist in understanding...
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Posted 12 March, 2021 10:07:17
How do you find out if there is a Will in the family?
When we lose a loved one the list of people and authorities to contact can be overwhelming. This all happens at the same time as being under immense pressure to sort out paperwork such as a Will, property deeds and more; the last thing anyone wants is more worry and uncertainty.

Fortunately member firm Hillyer McKeown Solicitors was abl...
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