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Posted 26 February, 2021 10:34:04
Professional Deputy locates unknown 25-year-old Will through a Certainty Will Search
Tollers regularly work with their local council to act as a Deputy for those who have lost capacity and are unable to handle their own affairs. The firm conduct a Certainty Will Search in Court of Protection matters to ensure that they have located the last valid Will of P to establish their past and present wishes and feelings to ensure that they...
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Posted 19 February, 2021 9:00:15
Certainty Will Search assists son locate his mother's unknown Will at local solicitor firm
Clients do not always inform their loved ones that they have written a Will or where it is stored. This can cause additional stress to those dealing with the estate after they have passed away as they are unsure if a Will exists, resulting in them having to search in the deceased's property for a copy or call local solicitors and Will writers which...
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Posted 12 February, 2021 9:33:45
Probate work won after unknown Will is discovered by a Certainty Will Search
Every day The National Will Register locates Wills made many years before that have been lost or forgotten about due to the passage of time. Clients move home and do not always inform the professional who wrote their Will or update it, even when life circumstances change such as having children or a death in the family. In this case study, Richard...
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Posted 10 February, 2021 14:58:15
The National Will Register joins The Professional Deputies Forum Directory
The National Will Register is proud to announce that we are now listed in The Professional Deputies Forum’s Directory. The Professional Deputies forum is the representative body for professional deputies.

Last year The National Will Register embarked on a campaign to raise awareness to panel deputies and professional deputies about the i...
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Posted 05 February, 2021 9:26:55
Lost Will made over thirty years ago is easily located thanks to a Certainty Will Search
It is not uncommon for clients that have written Wills with a firm to move house and relocate to other parts of the country. Due to these circumstances and the passage of time, clients may forget where their Will is stored or lose the copy of their Will, making it increasingly difficult for their loved ones to locate it when they pass away.
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