As of Monday 11th October 2021, The National Will Register has moved offices to The Mailbox, 101 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RF

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Posted 25 November, 2021 10:01:22
Don't take the risk! More than 2 in 10 found Wills impact estate distribution
The percentage of Will Searches that result in a change of circumstances against what was previously expected when it came to initiating probate or estate administration has increased.

More than two in ten Certainty Will Searches that result in a positive match locate a Will in cases where the estate was presumed intestate, or a later Wi...
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Posted 12 November, 2021 9:41:02
Why locating P's Will is imperative
Deputies and Attorneys are seeing the benefits of carrying out Certainty Will Searches as part of their initial assessment of a Protected Party’s (P) circumstances, wishes and feelings so in order to make decisions that are in P’s best interests moving forward.

The National Will Register plays a crucial role in the work of those involved...
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