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Posted 29 January, 2021 9:07:37
Certainty Will Search prevents possible inheritance dispute
The passing of a loved one can lead to disputes within the family as to whether the deceased had written a Will or if there is a later Will in existence. Those who are set to inherit either under the rules of intestacy or a favoured Will may insist that there is no Will as it would ensure that the estate is distributed in their favour. It is import...
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Posted 22 January, 2021 8:11:32
Certainty Will Search locates Wills that contain unknown funeral wishes
A Certainty Will Search ensures that everything possible has been done to locate the last valid Will of the deceased. It is not uncommon for Wills to include funeral wishes such as burial wishes that loved ones may not be aware of prior to locating the Will, therefore creating a risk that these wishes may be accidentally overlooked when the funeral...
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Posted 15 January, 2021 9:01:00
Bereaved family manages to trace Will thanks to Beswicks Legal and Certainty Will Search
Relocating to a different part of the country can cause real problems for families when their loved ones pass away. Trying to trace which firm of solicitors holds the deceased’s Will when they are based in an area that is unfamiliar to you, can seem a daunting task and without the Will, the deceased’s wishes cannot be carried out, often leaving fam...
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Posted 07 January, 2021 8:39:23
Certainty Will Search: Protect yourself, your firm and your client from future claims against the estate
Sharmans Law LLP have been providing legal services in Bedfordshire for over 200 years and have been members of The National Will Register since 2014. The firm have incorporated Will Registration into their Will writing process and always advise their clients of the benefits of registering their Will on The National Will Register, one of which is e...
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Posted 07 January, 2021 8:36:51
What is the procedure for proving a missing or lost Will?
By Alexa Payet, Partner at Bolt Burdon and listed specialist in the Certainty Contentious Probate Hub & Area

Initial steps
When an individual dies it is necessary to search their paperwork to establish whether they made a Will and gather information regarding their estate. This is important because the personal representatives of th...
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