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Posted 31 July, 2020 10:29:40
Statutory Wills during COVID-19
As the world grapples with the implications of a global health pandemic, many have turned their minds to estate planning and will-making. The recent Certainty Expert Webinar from Tom Dumont QC, Barrister, Radcliffe Chambers titled ‘Execution of Wills, especially in a Lockdown’ highlighted the very real challenges faced by prospective donors in the...
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Posted 23 July, 2020 15:21:18
Coronavirus and our desire for Certainty
Most people will have been affected by Coronavirus in some way during this pandemic. For some it’s been a very terrifying experience physically and for many more it’s been mentally and emotionally exhausting. Our daily lives and routines have been disrupted like never before including our schools, our work, our relationships and what is to become o...
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Posted 02 July, 2020 8:38:47
UK Citizens Get your Spanish Estate in Order
COVID-19 means UK Citizens need to get their house in order in Spain.

It is estimated that 800,000 to 1 million homes in Spain are owned by British citizens with 381,000 of those currently residing in Spain. Since the 1960’s, British citizens have flocked to Spain to either migrate or have a holiday home, with many buying in well-known...
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