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Posted 18 December, 2020 8:54:33
Don't risk incorrect estate distribution, conduct a Certainty Will Search
Taking a client’s word that no Will exists or that there is no later Will of the deceased poses a risk that the estate will be distributed incorrectly either as an intestacy or by using an invalid Will. This not only prevents the deceased’s wishes from being carried out but also means that it opens the possibility of claims against the estate arisi...
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Posted 18 December, 2020 8:50:07
My step-parent has made a new Will after my parent died which has disinherited me. What can I do?
By Emma-Louise Green, Associate at Meridian Private Client LLP and listed specialist in the Certainty Contentious Probate Hub & Area

A scenario that we frequently encounter as contentious probate practitioners is where a step-child finds themselves in a situation where their step-parent has changed their Will following the death of their...
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Posted 11 December, 2020 9:18:29
Certainty Will Search, the only way to be estate certain
How do you know whether the last Will that you are presented with or are currently holding in your archive, is in fact the last Will? Testators not only change their Will over time but also their solicitor, and without informing the previous law firm that they wrote their Will with.

When faced with the loss of her brother, Mrs Brown dis...
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Posted 04 December, 2020 9:40:43
Protect yourself, your firm and client by conducting a Certainty Will Search
Conducting a Certainty Will Search ensures that you have done everything you could to locate the last valid Will of the deceased. It is important to not take the risk by continuing to distribute an estate on the assumption that you are in possession of the last Will and to safeguard this by advising that a Certainty Will Search is conducted. A Cert...
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