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Posted 27 November, 2020 8:33:12
Registration reignites and retains clients
Registering your clients’ Wills on The National Will Register ensures that they can be easily located once the testator has passed away, protecting the estate from being distributed incorrectly by unknowingly using a revoked Will or as intestate because it was believed a Will did not exist. Will Registration also maximises your probate income by al...
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Posted 27 November, 2020 8:25:05
Elderly clients and deputyship standards - The importance of the Will in safeguarding assets and determining wishes and feelings
By Debbie Morrell-Williams, Solicitor at Linder Myers Solicitors

At Linder Myers Solicitors we specialise in elderly client matters. The majority of our elderly clients are lucky to have family members involved with their day to day affairs and are be able to remember their family and financial circumstances sufficiently to be able to in...
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Posted 20 November, 2020 8:53:30
Panel Deputy conducts Certainty Will Search as a matter of course to locate previous Wills made by P
Holly Chantler, Partner at Morrisons Solicitors is a Panel Deputy for the Office of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection. In October 2020, Holly presented a Court of Protection focused Certainty Expert Webinar. During the webinar, Holly provided an example of when she has conducted a Certainty Will Search whilst acting as an appointed De...
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Posted 13 November, 2020 8:28:29
Certainty Will Search prevents incorrect estate distribution and wins probate work
It is not always possible to know when your client has passed away which raises the risk that the Will that you hold for them may be overlooked and their estate distributed incorrectly. In the below case study, Louise Salisbury, Partner at AST Hampsons explains how a Certainty Will Search helped notify the firm that their client had passed away and...
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Posted 06 November, 2020 10:37:36
Acting as a Professional Executor? Protect yourself with Certainty Will Search
Silks Solicitors have been members of Certainty the National Will Register for over six years and they regularly register their clients’ Wills with The National Will Register and incorporate Certainty Will Search into their internal process.

In this case, Silks Solicitors were acting as a Professional Executor of an estate but as a safeg...
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