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Posted 01 May, 2019 11:16:38
Protect your wishes, protect your assets, for free
Do you have a Will? Well if the answer is yes, May 2019 will see the first ever Free Will Registration Month.

Throughout May you can go online and register your Will with The National Will Register.

The National Will Register which is operated by Certainty, and is endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales, was set-up over...
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Posted 01 May, 2019 10:57:43
The National Will Register - First Ever Free Will Registration Month
May 2019 sees the launch of the first ever Free Will Registration Month. Providing law firms with the opportunity to register their Will Bank with Certainty the National Will Register completely free of charge, which provides many benefits to a law firm and their clients.

For over a decade, Certainty the National Will Register has built...
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Posted 25 April, 2019 12:35:06
The Old Will, the New Will, the Old Way, the New Way
Prior to Certainty the National Will Register, searching for a Will to prove the last Will being used to distribute an estate or to establish whether an unknown Will existed was at best time consuming, costly and usually inaccurate. In fact, for most solicitors the old way to achieve this was never really an option and often not undertaken. Since t...
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Posted 25 March, 2019 11:47:58
Why make life difficult at a difficult time?
When Dr Peters approached his local solicitor with a copy of his wife’s 1982 Will, he was informed that he would need to try and find the original before he could apply for a Grant of Probate.

Dr Peters comments: “As I had a copy of the Will, I was aware of the solicitors that had previously written my wife’s Will. I made contact and fou...
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Posted 06 March, 2019 15:57:05
What Solicitors Say About Discovering The Existence Of An Unknown Will…
Over the last 18 months we have regularly reported on a number of the many thousands of Wills that are found following a Certainty Will Search.

These searches are implemented by solicitors who never assume that they are holding or have been presented with the last Will to distribute the estate with, nor that a Will does not exist, even...
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Posted 28 February, 2019 12:33:26
Solicitors, Will Writing Professionals and their Clients: Easy Prey and Rich Pickings
A recent webinar hosted by the National Will Register addressed the risks Solicitors and Will writing professionals exposed themselves to when communicating via email with clients.

A key point of relevance in relation to the hot topic of GDPR is that many such communications will contain sensitive information and, in some cases, even in...
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Posted 13 February, 2019 10:52:03
An Unknown Risk to the Estate?
Potentially unbeknown to a solicitor distributing an estate or who has already done so, people known to the deceased will undertake their own investigations if they feel something is untoward surrounding the way in which the estate is being, or was, distributed.

In 2018 there was an increase in the lay person using Certainty Will Search....
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Posted 11 February, 2019 10:35:41
26 Firms with One Thing in Common
Q. What do all the following firms have in common?

Ridley & Hall Legal Ltd • Myerson Solicitors LLP • RIAA Barker Gillette
• Shoosmiths LLP • Hill Dickinson LLP • Stephen Gisby & Co • TWM Solicitors LLP • Gard & Co • Anthony Gold Solicitors • Grant Saw Solicitors • Freeths
• Kitsons LLP • Hodge Jones & Allen • Gedye and Sons...
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Posted 06 February, 2019 13:01:05
2018 A Year in Review – The National Will Register
2018 signified over a decade of service provision to the Wills and Probate Profession by the National Will Register. It was another progressive year where the number of Wills registered again grew significantly and the amount of unknown Wills being discovered through a Certainty Will Search also increased and continued to provide unprecedented prot...
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Posted 22 January, 2019 11:46:58
"You cannot simply take the risk" says Elizabeth Middleton
It is not uncommon for a client to be in possession of a Will that they believe may not be the last Will written by the testator.

Elizabeth Middleton, Principle at Elizabeth Middleton Solicitors, comments: “As a firm we always advise our clients to perform a Certainty Will Search, you cannot simply take the risk especially when Certainty...
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Posted 07 January, 2019 14:33:48
Probate work, didn't bank on that!
Fiona Smith, Director at Carlsons Solicitors: “When our client brought in a Will for the deceased believing it to be the last Will, we discovered that it was an unsigned draft and therefore not valid. This meant that we needed to find out if there was a signed copy. The unsigned Will appointed a bank as executor of the Will so we decided to cont...
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Posted 04 January, 2019 16:01:58
Majority of grieving savers could be needlessly paying IHT
Article from Hannah Godfrey

Thousands of bereaved partners could be paying unnecessary tax on cash ISA savings inherited from loved ones, a freedom of information request has revealed.

Since 2015, married couples and civil partners have been entitled to an extra ISA allowance when their partner die...
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