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Posted 27 September, 2018 11:55:26
Certainty Now Have Cross-Border Will Search Capability
In addition to searching in England and Wales, Certainty the National Will Register now provides the capability to search law firms and Will writers to see if a Will exists in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How does this help me?
You may be distributing an estate where the deceased lived in England or Wales but had family roots, or...
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Posted 17 September, 2018 12:40:53
The search is simple, the unforeseen complications might not be
Afonwy Howell-Pryce, Solicitor, Head of Private Client at Robertsons Solicitors: “Having used Certainty numerous times to find a Will of the deceased, Robertsons thought it would be advantageous to also register our Wills. Not only does it assist bereaved people trying to locate a Will but also adds security to our clients to know that their Will i...
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Posted 10 September, 2018 14:18:30
What happens if a client dies in the midst of a litigation case?
You are part way through, or possibly near the end, of a difficult contentious case when your client suddenly dies. The client could be the claimant or defendant. What do you do? This can be a problematic circumstance but, luckily, not one we are faced with too often.

The starting point is to identify who can continue the claim on behalf...
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