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Posted 15 August, 2018 13:36:12
Certainty steps taken ensured step-children inherited
The following case study outlines just how important it is to use a Certainty Will Search. Thousands of solicitors now make no assumptions or prejudgment surrounding the existence of a Will or which is the last Will. They simply include Certainty Will Search as part of their process to either find an unknown or undisclosed Will or prove that a Will...
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Posted 13 August, 2018 10:40:30
Equiniti Announces Partnership With Certainty The National Will Register
Equiniti, the specialist administrator receiving over 50% of death notifications in the UK each year is delighted to announce its partnership with Certainty the National Will Register.

This strategic relationship will enable Equiniti’s bereavement services team, to offer all of its customers’ access to the Certainty Will Search and the N...
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Posted 10 August, 2018 16:40:50
A Turning Point in Digital Immortality
A couple of recent cases suggest that we could be on the cusp of intestacy and privacy laws stepping in to help assert control over your digital footprint after death, writes Amy Bradbury

In the UK there is no specific legal framework for dealing with digital assets on death and, given we usually don’t own social media profiles (all we h...
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