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Posted 23 March, 2018 10:49:06
Will Writer Checks for Non-SRA Regulated Organisations
Checking whether a will writer of a non-SRA regulated organisation is holding a will for the estate that you are about to distribute can now be done via a Certainty search.

When you use a combined Certainty will search, you can now include a sunshine and laptopsearch of will writers from both the Institute of Professional Will Writers (...
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Posted 23 March, 2018 10:32:53
Free Will Bank Registration - 22nd March to 22nd April 2018
In the last Certainty News Room article we highlighted that in January and February 2018, 45% of Certainty Will Searches carried out by the general public found an ‘unknown’ Will.

This increase in finds following a Certainty Will Search was due to the rise in mortalities in the first seven weeks of 2018 and the introduction of the capabi...
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Posted 20 March, 2018 15:32:49
Carrying out a will search: you may be surprised by what you find
Why a search for a lost, unknown or latest will is worth considering.

In January and February 2018, Certainty will searches by the public (rather than through their solicitor) resulted in a record high of 45 per cent of the searches finding a will.

To find out more, Certainty took feedback from 100 people who’d carried out a C...
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Posted 20 March, 2018 15:27:17
E&W: Legal daughter ordered to take DNA test to prove parentage
The England and Wales High Court has directed the younger daughter of the late Colin Birtles to be DNA-tested, to verify whether she is indeed his biological daughter, and thus has an interest in his estate.

Both Lorraine Freeman and her elder sister Janice Nield-Moir were born to Birtles' wife Veronica in the early sixties. Their parent...
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Posted 08 March, 2018 12:12:16
Public Will Search Finds Hit 45% Record High in January & February 2018
In January and February 2018, Certainty Will Searches undertaken by members of the public have produced some interesting results that are worth noting.

Certainty Will Searches instigated directly by the public (rather than through their solicitor) resulted in 45% of the searches finding a Will.

The Certainty Will Search team t...
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