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Posted 16 October, 2020 8:25:53
Why you should conduct a Certainty Will Search when acting as a Professional Executor
Woolliscrofts Solicitors are a firm who have been serving individuals, families and businesses throughout Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the wider community of Staffordshire and Cheshire for over a century. The firm incorporate Certainty Will Search as part of their process when distributing an estate.

Ray Basnett, Solicitor at...
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Posted 09 October, 2020 8:13:00
Due diligence results in probate work being won
As a solicitor or Will writing professional, you need to demonstrate due diligence when distributing an estate to ensure that no later Wills that the deceased may have written exist and therefore present a risk of coming to light in the future. In the below case, this is exactly what Michael Lillywhite, Director at member firm Jennings Perks Solici...
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Posted 02 October, 2020 13:06:28
Certainty Will Search and proactive advice from a solicitor always helps
The National Will Register’s Will Search help desk team work with both the legal profession and the public. The sensitivities that surround the public undertaking a Certainty Will Search means that the team are supportive to those grieving who are most likely coordinating a funeral or estate distribution for the first time.

We always re...
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Posted 25 September, 2020 9:06:07
Certainty Will Search helps to obtain evidence in the validity of a Will dispute
There is a great weight of evidence from Contentious Probate specialists that a Certainty Will Search can and does change the outcome of potential and existing dispute claims. By conducting a Certainty Will Search in disputes it can: help to prove the last Will presented that’s being used to distribute the estate; help to find a later unknown Will...
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Posted 25 September, 2020 8:30:16
They are using the wrong Will to distribute the estate which cuts me out
By Alexa Payet, Partner at Bolt Burdon and listed specialist in the Certainty Contentious Probate Hub & Area

In an increasingly litigious society Will disputes are relatively common. At the core of these disputes often lie entrenched disagreements between family members, which can give rise to suspicion over the handling of a loved one’s...
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Posted 04 September, 2020 9:41:09
How do I know if my relative left a will? And how do I get a copy?
By David Wedgwood, Partner at Anthony Gold and listed specialist in the Certainty Contentious Probate Hub & Area

When a person dies, their Will can be one of the most important documents they leave behind. It will set out who they appoint as executor to carry out their wishes, and how they want their assets to be distributed. It can also...
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