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Posted 10 May, 2018 11:24:50
The Case of the Torn Up Will
The Contentious Trusts and Probate Department at Meridian Private Client advise clients on the options available to them when a loved one passes away and they have been apparently disinherited or a family member is acting suspiciously to the client’s detriment.

The below case study outlines how and why solicitors dealing with contentious...
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Posted 09 May, 2018 14:21:28
Why use a Certainty Will Search when the validity of a Will is in dispute?
by Anna Wonnacott

I am regularly approached by members of the public who have concerns about whether or not a person’s Will is valid.

For a Will to be valid, it must:

Have been made in accordance with section 9 of the Wills Act 1937 (it is in writing, signed by the testator (or by another in their presence and...
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Posted 27 April, 2018 10:38:04
Devastavit: The Legal Pitfalls For Executors
Being an executor can be a huge responsibility. Probate law in England and Wales is notoriously tricky to navigate at the best of times, and executors can and will be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. The Trustee Act 2000 imposes a statutory duty of care on all executors; the liability for breaching this can be unlimited and personal t...
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Posted 25 April, 2018 9:47:47
Alzheimer’s and the blur between wills and marriage
Family disputes about wills and inheritance are never pleasant, but made worse when a relative’s mental capacity is questioned, writes Hannah Solel

‘Sailing into the dark,’ was how novelist Iris Murdoch described her own degeneration – and indeed it is many people’s fear that one day the mind won’t be working but the body will. It is, of...
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Posted 10 April, 2018 11:32:25
Intestacy? Let the search be the judge of that
Outlined below are two case studies following Certainty Will Searches last week where the estates were ‘believed’ to be intestate and the solicitors involved provided polar opposite advice to their clients.

Case Study 1
The immediate next-of-kin informed their solicitor that the deceased did not have a Will. The solicitor took thei...
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Posted 23 March, 2018 10:49:06
Will Writer Checks for Non-SRA Regulated Organisations
Checking whether a will writer of a non-SRA regulated organisation is holding a will for the estate that you are about to distribute can now be done via a Certainty search.

When you use a combined Certainty will search, you can now include a sunshine and laptopsearch of will writers from both the Institute of Professional Will Writers (...
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