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Posted 17 September, 2021 11:44:17
New £10,000 legacy revealed in unknown Will located by a Certainty Will Search
It is not uncommon for family members to contact The National Will Register after a loved one has passed away after finding themselves in a situation where they are unsure of where the last Will of the deceased is located. A Certainty Will Search can assist and locates unknown or missing Wills every day.

In this case study, Graeme Black,...
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Posted 06 August, 2021 9:56:17
Family relieved and reassured after a Certainty Will Search confirms last Will
Cuttle & Co Solicitors have been members of The National Will Register for a year and have incorporated Will Registration and Certainty Will Search into their internal processes. The firm pride themselves on their caring and empathetic nature. They always put the interest of their clients at the heart of everything they do.

In this case...
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Posted 23 July, 2021 9:34:58
Professional Executor conducts a Certainty Will Search as a safeguard measure
A Certainty Will Search is used by members of the public and professionals every day as a safeguarding measure to ensure that that the last Will of the deceased is located and their estate can therefore be distributed correctly. The National Will Register assists in ensuring that everything has been done to locate the last Will of the deceased. Read more

Posted 01 July, 2021 12:47:32
Is the Will presented to you in fact the last Will of the deceased?
In this case study, Chris Taylor, Partner at KBL Solicitors explains a recent case where the deceased’s family was aware of a Will when she passed away but were unsure as to whether a later Will may have existed. Chris advised that a Certainty Will Search should be conducted to ensure that everything had been done to try and locate a later Will sho...
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Posted 18 June, 2021 12:56:19
Don’t take the risk: Conduct a Certainty Will Search
Legal 500 law firm Wilkin Chapman has been a member of The National Will Register since 2015. The firm has built-in Certainty Will Search to their internal processes and advise that one should be conducted on every probate matter. The firm recognises that it not only provides additional protection for the executors of the estate but it also provide...
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Posted 10 June, 2021 9:51:06
Establishing Fraudulent Calumny – Has the mind of the Testator been ‘poisoned’?
By David McGuire, Associate at Weightmans

There are a number of grounds upon which a person might seek to a challenge the Will of a loved one. They include circumstances where the specific formalities required when creating a Will are not adhered to, or where the person making the Will did not have the necessary mental capacity. It might...
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