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Posted 07 January, 2019 14:33:48
Probate work, didn't bank on that!
Fiona Smith, Director at Carlsons Solicitors: “When our client brought in a Will for the deceased believing it to be the last Will, we discovered that it was an unsigned draft and therefore not valid. This meant that we needed to find out if there was a signed copy. The unsigned Will appointed a bank as executor of the Will so we decided to cont...
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Posted 04 January, 2019 16:01:58
Majority of grieving savers could be needlessly paying IHT
Article from Hannah Godfrey

Thousands of bereaved partners could be paying unnecessary tax on cash ISA savings inherited from loved ones, a freedom of information request has revealed.

Since 2015, married couples and civil partners have been entitled to an extra ISA allowance when their partner die...
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Posted 27 December, 2018 12:04:30
A Review Of The Wills And Probate Sector In 2018
As 2018 is coming to an end, we can review and re-cap what has happened in the Wills and probate industry. There has been big changes in the past 12 months which will effect the sector going forward which has included key Government related announcements and thought-provoking research papers which could transform the future of the sector.
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Posted 18 December, 2018 10:46:12
Lost Will leads to lost inheritance
When someone dies, finding a Will can be complicated for the family. At an emotional time, sifting through decades of the deceased’s paperwork to understand if a Will exists and indeed, if one is found, is it the last Will? Even when a Will is found, finding where the original is held can present further challenges. These are all too common problem...
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Posted 12 December, 2018 12:23:00
The fascinating case of Alexander Wilson: A Contentious Probate perspective
Actress Ruth Wilson is currently appearing on our screens playing her own grandmother, Alison Wilson, telling the story of her life with her husband, Alexander Wilson, and discoveries made about his life after his death. The programme is based on Alison Wilson’s memoirs and is a fascinating story of bigamy, secret lives and multiple families. They...
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Posted 10 December, 2018 15:18:45
A Will made in the Silver Jubilee prevents intestacy
Every day Certainty Will Search prevents estates being distributed incorrectly because an unknown Will exists. In the majority of cases these Wills are unknown to the client and the professional dealing with the estate and without any indication that they exist.

In the below probate, two Wills were known about, a homemade Will and a Will...
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