As of Monday 11th October 2021, The National Will Register has moved offices to The Mailbox, 101 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RF

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Posted 25 November, 2021 10:01:22
Don't take the risk! More than 2 in 10 found Wills impact estate distribution
The percentage of Will Searches that result in a change of circumstances against what was previously expected when it came to initiating probate or estate administration has increased.

More than two in ten Certainty Will Searches that result in a positive match locate a Will in cases where the estate was presumed intestate, or a later Wi...
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Posted 12 November, 2021 9:41:02
Why locating P's Will is imperative
Deputies and Attorneys are seeing the benefits of carrying out Certainty Will Searches as part of their initial assessment of a Protected Party’s (P) circumstances, wishes and feelings so in order to make decisions that are in P’s best interests moving forward.

The National Will Register plays a crucial role in the work of those involved...
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Posted 28 October, 2021 10:31:58
Explaining the Intestacy Rules
This article has been created by Jak Ward, Partner at Roythornes

If, having made preliminary enquiries with friends and family, it is advisable to undertake a reasonable search to ascertain whether a deceased individual made and left a valid Will. The National Will Register offers a range of services to help with your searches.
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Posted 17 September, 2021 11:44:17
New £10,000 legacy revealed in unknown Will located by a Certainty Will Search
It is not uncommon for family members to contact The National Will Register after a loved one has passed away after finding themselves in a situation where they are unsure of where the last Will of the deceased is located. A Certainty Will Search can assist and locates unknown or missing Wills every day.

In this case study, Graeme Black,...
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Posted 06 August, 2021 9:56:17
Family relieved and reassured after a Certainty Will Search confirms last Will
Cuttle & Co Solicitors have been members of The National Will Register for a year and have incorporated Will Registration and Certainty Will Search into their internal processes. The firm pride themselves on their caring and empathetic nature. They always put the interest of their clients at the heart of everything they do.

In this case...
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Posted 23 July, 2021 9:34:58
Professional Executor conducts a Certainty Will Search as a safeguard measure
A Certainty Will Search is used by members of the public and professionals every day as a safeguarding measure to ensure that that the last Will of the deceased is located and their estate can therefore be distributed correctly. The National Will Register assists in ensuring that everything has been done to locate the last Will of the deceased. Read more