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Posted 14 December, 2017 11:41:02
Local Authority and the Lost Will
Certainty Will Search is not only used by the legal profession and the public but also local authorities.

Back in July we reported on a Certainty Will search that was undertaken by the Environmental Health Department at East Cambridgeshire Council who deal with ‘lone’ deceased persons. The Certainty Will Search identified an ‘unknown’ Wi...
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Posted 28 November, 2017 12:30:25
When does intestacy mean that the rightful beneficiaries do not inherit?
The answer to the question is in two parts: a) when the estate is believed to be intestate based on hearsay or assumption and b) when a simple check using a Certainty Will Search is not made.

Part ‘a’ and part ‘b’ occur every day because best practice advice surrounding proving the last Will or ascertaining if a Will exists is not alwa...
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Posted 26 October, 2017 17:27:18
When Time Forgets, Good Advice Prevails
Most Certainty Will searches are undertaken to prove the last Will, confirm an estate is intestate or by a third party who believes the last Will is being suppressed to benefit the would be beneficiaries.

Below is not a typical case but not unusual either. It involves a recently bereaved and grieving widow who was unaware of the wherea...
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Posted 26 October, 2017 10:59:15
Contentious Probate at The Wilkes Partnership
At The Wilkes Partnership, our Contentious Probate department also specialists in disputes relating to Court of Protection issues and in professional negligence claims.

In relation to the Court of Protection, we advise on disputes between attorneys, between donor and attorney and between other interested parties. Such disputes can rel...
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Posted 06 October, 2017 13:53:09
The £25,000 Will
Increasingly the use of Certainty Will Search prior to distributing an estate is proving to provide unparalleled protection from unknown Wills, executors and beneficiaries.

Certainty Will Search is now widely used by the legal profession, Government agencies, charities, genealogists, the public and other associated sectors and organisat...
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Posted 12 September, 2017 8:55:07
Missing Will, Registered Will, Probate Won
•12th June 2017 testator passes away
•The executor strongly believed that there was a Will but was unable to locate any information as to which firm held it
• Unbeknown to the executor and to make matters worse the firm who had written it had closed down
•19th June 2017 the executor decided to look online to find out...
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