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Missing Will & Trustee Insurance

The majority of missing Will insurers and providers will ask for a Certainty Will Search to be completed before providing any indemnity cover.

Missing Will (Trustee) Insurance Policy protects the Personal Representative (PR), Beneficiaries, Executors, Trustees and Administrators from claims arising should a Will or subsequent Will appear after distribution which alters the way in which the estate should have been distributed.

The policy would pay up to the full value of the estate and also protects against claims from missing or unknown beneficiaries who may later come forward with a valid claim of entitlement.

Without such a policy, the claimant could look to the executor, administrator, trustee and/or beneficiaries for compensation.

Why take out Missing Will Insurance & Trustee Policy?

These policies give peace of mind that should a Will or later Will come forward your inheritance is protected (i.e. you won’t have to pay any back).

What does a policy cost?

Missing Will (Trustee) Insurance premiums typically start from around 1% of the estate value (£750 per £100,000) plus Insurance Premium Tax.

Who is the insurer?

Missing Will & Trustee Insurance is provided by leading insurers including Zurich.

How do I obtain a quote?

Please contact Certainty’s Will Search team, who will be happy to advise further.