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Inheritance Data provides Executors, Probate Professionals, Deputies and Attorneys with search services to trace assets and liabilities for individuals.

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Inheritance Data FAS POA Search

The Inheritance Data POA Asset Search helps attorneys and deputies to fulfil vital due diligence by conducting a comprehensive search to locate and uncover any type of account or policy held by a vulnerable person. The service helps to build a complete picture to allow for crucial decisions to be made on behalf of an individual.

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Inheritance Data FAS Probate Search

Inheritance Data is a tailored asset searching engine that provides Executors and Probate Professionals with a bespoke platform to trace assets for deceased individuals. The service enables executors and other estate administration professionals to save administration time and fulfil obligations as an Executor or appointed administrator.


Inheritance Data FAS + Liability Search

Professional Executors and Administrators are duty-bound to identify and settle any estate debts and liabilities. If the deceased has any liabilities that are not clear at the time of passing, any creditors can claim payment from the Legal Representative or from funds paid to beneficiaries. To help identify estate accounts and mitigate against the risk of missed debts or liabilities before applying for the Grant, our Liability Search performs an electronic check of digital credit data held by Equifax whilst also assessing potential solvency.

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