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10 April, 2017 14:38:49

Certainty Expert Webinar March - Undue Influence and Wills - The Solicitor's Perspective

We were delighted to welcome Tom Dumont, Radcliffe Chambers who hosted March’s Certainty Expert Webinar.

Tom is one of the most in-demand juniors at the Chancery Bar. He has been Advocate of the Year at STEP’s Private Client Awards, one of the Lawyer’s Hot 100, Charities and not for profit - Barrister of the Year 2016 by Lawyer Monthly, and is among City Wealth’s Most Highly Regarded Figures in Private Wealth Management. He is equally at home in court, or advising clients.

Tom’s webinar called “Undue influence and Wills – The Solicitor’s Perspective” outlined that more and more Wills are challenged year on year. With that in mind the solicitor’s role is central to will-making. One or other (and sometimes both) sides in a probate action will want to recover the costs for the solicitors involved.
The webinar examined how the courts have dealt with solicitors who find themselves trying to make wills for elderly and vulnerable clients, and where those solicitors have succeeded, and where failed avoided personal liability for the costs of ensuing probate action.

Tom answered the following questions throughout the webinar, to give the audience a clearer perspective of what to do if they feel someone has been influenced when writing a Will.

Where are the courts now on undue influence and Wills?

What is the interplay between undue influence & knowledge and approval?

How central is the solicitor’s role – and how can it determine the outcome?

What is the solicitors risk for personal liability, and how can that be avoided?

If you would like to watch a recording of this webinar, please contact us here at Certainty and we will be able to send you a link to the archived webinar.
Certainty Expert Webinars are a monthly event and next month we are delighted to announce that Rob Hailstone of Bold Legal Group with be hosting his webinar entitled

"Why Probate & Conveyancing Make Good Fellow Bedfellows"

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