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07 March, 2017 15:13:32

Certainty Expert Webinar February 2017

We were delighted to welcome Tim Farmer, TSF Consultants who hosted February’s Certainty Expert Webinar

“Mental Capacity - Understanding the 2 Stage Test”

Tim Farmer is the founder of TSF Consultants. TSF Consultants have a network of 40 mental capacity assessors consisting of experts from a range of health and social backgrounds across the UK, all of whom are recognised by the Court of Protection and the Office of Public Guardian.

Tim is also the author of the Amazon best seller ‘Grandpa on a Skateboard’ which is a booked aimed at the legal and health care professionals, simplifying the process of mental capacity assessment.

Tim’s webinar for Certainty the National Will Register covered the 2 stage test which is the assessment framework that is outlined in the Mental Capacity Act (2005). He explained the five statutory principles which are outlined in section 1 of the Act. These are designed to protect people who lack capacity to make particular decisions.

Tim went on to explain that in order to assess capacity the 2-stage test must be followed. The first part of the test is a diagnostic test and the second is a functional test. In the webinar Tim presented his CSML principal (Concept, Mechanics, Long term and Short term). This principle identifies;
• What a person needs to understand
• Assesses the understanding against an ‘average’
• Can the individual present back their understanding?

The enlightening and engaging webinar with an assessment flow chart. The chart is designed to help professionals in the health and legal fields understand mental capacity, especially when dealing with Wills and Probate as it gives them an idea of the level of understanding of an individual and their ability to make decisions.

If you would like more information on the 2 stage test or details on our Certainty Expert Webinars please contact us for further information.

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